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Patient Safety & Rotoform

Rotoform has a track record in innovation and over the past decade, we have focused this increasingly on Improving Patient Safety.

From our early work in standardised Hospital Printed Forms, to Printed Patient Wristbands and now full Positive Patient Identification.

Rotoform Improving Patient Safety

Positive Patient Identification

PPID is a natural evolution of our work with Laserband in Patient Wristbanding. Rotoform’s Postive Patient Identification (PPID) solutions enhance Irish, UK and EU bedside clinical processes and are designed to securely support confirmed patient identification matching for –

Core hospital systems (e.g. PAS, EHR, Pharmacy, RIS/PACS)
Bedside clinical process supports and analytics (e.g. Bloodtrack, Audits, Medication, Scheduling and Notifications)
Compliance and auditing in line with the hospital group’s, national and EU working practice requirements (e.g. EWTD)
The solutions are deployed in a modular, upgradable and future-proofed way and are compatible with a range of security and location / tracking options, which can also be provided.

Printed Patient Wristband

Patient Safety starts with the Printed Patient Wristband. Since 2007, with our introduction of LaserBand, we have been committed to Printed Patient Wristbands and the benefits they bring to both patient safety and identification.

The Printed Patient Wristband is the key first enabler to increasing patient safety with a full Positive Patient Identification Solution.

We work exclusively with Zebra Technologies and provide a range of wristband solutions – both Laser and Thermal printed. More information on our range of wristband options can be found on our Wristband page.

Rotoform Laserband

Our Approach


We take a consultative and collaborative approach, acknowledging the challenges of the eHealth paradigm and understanding the specific requirements of our customers. We then design, build and integrate the most appropriate solution.


Once a solution has been tailored for our customer, we normally undertake a proof of concept and then move forward to deployment.