We take a consultative and collaborative approach, acknowledging the challenges of the eHealth paradigm and understanding the specific requirements of our customers. We then design, build and integrate the most appropriate solution.


Once a solution has been tailored for our customer, we normally undertake a proof of concept and then move forward to deployment. Deployment is undertaken in two stages –

  • Off-site – Configuration, Installation and QA
  • On-site – Final Testing, Commissioning and Sign Off


For any project to be a success, quality training is paramount. This is even more so with ehealth projects. We promote the concept of power users, who can impart knowledge to their colleagues. We can train power users on behalf of our customers using our own clinically experienced trainer. This can be done on-site or at our training facility.


Customer service has been key to Rotoform’s success for over a quarter century. We provide a range of 1st and 2nd line support services, backed-up by 3rd line support from our partners. We work with each of our customers to design a support and maintenance plan, suitable to their requirements.