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Rotoform has a track record in innovation and over the past decade, we have focused this increasingly on Improving Patient Safety.

From our early work in standardised Hospital Printed Forms, to Printed Patient Wristbands and now full Positive Patient Identification. Below is an outline of our time line in healthcare through to our current focus –

1988 – Rotoform Established

1995 – Healthcare Print Solutions

2007 – Introduced LaserBand now part of Zebra Healthcare

2010 – Users across the HSE, NHS, HSC plus UK & Irish private Hospitals

2013 – Evolution to Positive Patient Identification – PPID

Positive Patient Identification

PPID is a natural evolution of our work with Laserband in Patient WristbandingRotoform’s Postive Patient Identification (PPID) solutions enhance Irish, UK and EU bedside clinical processes and are designed to securely support confirmed patient identification matching for –

  • Core hospital systems (e.g. PAS, EHR, Pharmacy, RIS/PACS)
  • Bedside clinical process supports and analytics (e.g. Bloodtrack, Audits, Medication, Scheduling and Notifications)
  • Compliance and auditing in line with the hospital group’s, national and EU working practice requirements (e.g. EWTD)

The solutions are deployed in a modular, upgradable and future-proofed way and are compatible with a range of security and location / tracking options, which can also be provided.

Positive Patient Identification begins with the Patient Wristband and Barcode and includes the following elements –

  • Printed Patient Wristband
  • On-demand Printing
  • Barcode Reading
  • Barcode Creation and Systems Integration

Barcode Reading

We offer a range of options for portable and handheld barcode readers, supporting medication, samples and tracking applications.

On-Demand Printing

Bedside printing of labels is a logical extension of your PPID solution, using best of breed printers from Zebra Technologies – both Desktop and Mobile. We offer a range of options for medication, samples and tracking printing applications.

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Barcode Creation & Systems Integration

Whilst the provision of a Barcode is often over looked or left to the end of a project, it can often be a time consuming and complex element. Rotoform work with an experienced healthcare middle-ware provider. Together we can provide a flexible solution for the creation of the Barcode from the PAS or other internal hospital solution. This creates a flexible printing solution for all the hospital’s needs, including Labels and Wristbands.

A core element of any modern Healthcare IT project is also ensuring the inter-working with older systems. This can be specifically true in PPID projects due to the number of systems that can be involved.

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Printed Patient Wristbands

Laser Printed Wristbands

Rotoform distribute LaserBand, the worldwide leader in Patient Identification wristbands. Rotoform were the first European LaserBand Partner in 2007.

LaserBand, the leading global wristband solution with its patented lamination feature is now the preferred  wristband solution to HSE, HSC, NHS and many UK & Ireland Private Hospitals.

Rotoform are Zebra Technologies’ only Healthcare Specialist Partner for LaserBand in the UK & Ireland. The solution is available with White or Red wristbands and includes a Custom Label Layout with the option of three Wristband sizes  – Adult, Paediatric and Infant.

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Thermal Printed Wristbands

Rotoform recommend the HC100 thermal wristband printer from Zebra Technologies for thermal printed non laminated patient wristbands.

Its easy-to-load features require minimal user action, whilst it’s smart technology senses the wristband type and auto-calibrates the settings for optimised print quality and reduced waste. It is compatible with a wide range of hospital admission and clinical systems and is Cerner approved.

A wide variety of long-lasting healthcare wristbands are available with Zebra’s patent-pending antimicrobial material, including infant and ultra-soft versions.  The Infant Tag is ideal for newly born infants , allowing the Barcode to be scanned with minimum disruption to the baby.

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Why Zebra Technologies for On-Demand Printing?

Zebra On Demand Printing

  • Market Leader globally in on-demand printing
  • Wide Industry experience – bring knowledge from other sectors to Healthcare
  • Healthcare Designed plastics with Excellent Connectivity
  • Fully tested with all major healthcare providers, including being Cerner Approved
  • Rotoform Expertise for Optimum Label format
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Barcode Readers

Rotoform supply a comprehensive range of Healthcare Specific barcode scanners.

Our product range enables us to deliver quality Healthcare solutions, providing barcode reading for Healthcare applications including

  • Positive Patient Identification
  • Samples Tracking
  • Medication Tracking
  • Expressed Breast Milk (EBM) Tracking
  • Blood Tracking

We provide a range of Corded and Wireless readers

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