PPID is a natural evolution of our work with Laserband in Patient Wristbanding. Rotoform’s Postive Patient Identification (PPID) solutions enhance Irish, UK and EU bedside clinical processes and are designed to securely support confirmed patient identification matching for –

  • Core hospital systems (e.g. PAS, EHR, Pharmacy, RIS/PACS)
  • Bedside clinical process supports and analytics (e.g. Bloodtrack, Audits, Medication, Scheduling and Notifications)
  • Compliance and auditing in line with the hospital group’s, national and EU working practice requirements (e.g. EWTD)

The solutions are deployed in a modular, upgradable and future-proofed way and are compatible with a range of security and location / tracking options, which can also be provided.

Positive Patient Identification begins with the Patient Wristband and Barcode and includes the following elements –

Further information on each element and our recommended solutions is available on our Solutions Overview page.

If you would like to talk to us about our Positive Patient Identification solutions, please contact us.

Positive Patient Idenification